Russia World Cup 2018 – Construction Stopped?


It’s been reported from various sources, i.e. (Russian news source) And GCR ( that during the stadium construction for the 2018 World Cup, problems had surfaced during the building of two of the stadiums.

The Russian Sports Minister has come out and said that Russia will face ‘Serious issues’ during the construction. Apparently the issues surrounding the stadium’s differ; One stadiums construction was halted because of problems with the land, and there being issues with the foundations. Whereas the construction of another stadium was reported to be because of contractor’s “Money wrangling,” though there has been no definite statement to this problem.

This isn’t the only World Cup spot that has taken media interest due to construction issues. Qatar, which is to host the 2022 World Cup, has been investigation because of its neglect of human rights. This is due to the fact workers have died constructing these stadiums, and it has been reported they’re forced to work in such heat, it’s near impossible to complete the job in the time frame allowed.

The chief contractor who was working on the stadiums has yet to make any comments, however, a Russian state news outlet ( has put out a statement by the Federal World Cup organising committee, announcing their intention to get rid of the current contractors and find a new company.

The Samara regional government has assured that the stadiums will all be completed in time for the 2018 World Cup. however.russia


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